William C. Martel Script Secrets Interview by Film Courage

William C. Martel Script Secrets Interview by Film Courage

typewriter1-1234699141prlfWriting is one of the first steps toward becoming a filmmaker. Rather than try and give you my limited insight on how to approach writing, I thought I’d just point you to the #1 source for the most useful information that I’ve found.

In my earlier post on jumping into making feature, I noted that William C. Martel wrote my favorite screenwriting book. Well, Film Courage also did some wonderful interviews with him that are incredibly useful for learning how to start writing. He breaks down fundamentals of storytelling in a logical, simple way, and answers seemingly complex questions with elegant, insightful, and simple answers. Spend a few hours with him. I promise it will be worth it!

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00:00 – How To Create Suspense In A Screenplay
03:43 – The 100 Idea Theory For Screenwriters
05:38 – A Screenwriter With Small Ideas Is A Big Problem
07:25 – The First Time I Pitched An Idea To A Hollywood Producer
12:55 – The Average Screenwriter Writes 9 Scripts Before They Sell 1
22:47 – First Time I Got Paid For Screenwriting
27:47 – When Is It Time To Leave A 9 To 5 Job To Be A Hollywood Screenwriter?
31:39 – Smart Screenwriters Ask Dumb Questions
39:53 – Two Ways To Become A Hollywood Screenwriter
44:55 – To Have A Career, A Screenwriter Has To Have The Next Screenplay
48:02 – How To Write 3 Spec Screenplays In One Year
51:32 – Writing One Screenplay In 12 Days And Another In 9 Days

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